Lazy End Of Olympics Sunday

And since there isn’t much left in the way of coverage* I should probably do some of the housework that has been neglected over the last two weeks. HAHAHAHAHA.

Well, maybe some laundry since I’m wearing my last pair of clean jeans and, well, Lily broke them.

We have a game – she yells at me from the counter, I go to her and ask “what do you need?” – she jumps off the counter and runs to the side door, and I “chase” her, going, “I’m gonna get you!” and she cleverly circles back around me and heads to the living room where she flops over for belly rubs. I complied, squatted down for the belly rubs, and RIIIIIIIP.

After laundry, I do need to take a proper inventory of my jeans – I *think* I’m pretty well set for the time being, but this is also the time of year I usually have to make a pilgrimage to the outlet mall for restock. It’s not every year, but it always works out to be August-September. Though if I do need to resupply, it’s gonna be via online ordering this year… I can do a lot of vaxxed & masked stuff, not sure the outlet mall is one of them. (The outlet mall is a lot even without a pandemic. And I hate buying clothes, even when it’s just jeans where I know the exact style/size I need.)

And MetLife dental finally reimbursed me for a claim from mid-June and the bank’s mobile deposit doesn’t like the check, so I get to go to the bank tomorrow at lunch, wheeee. The bank used to have Sunday hours, but no more. :( Why MetLife can’t just do direct deposit is beyond me, but they can barely process claims, so… My dentist has to legit submit multiple times before MetLife will even acknowledge that the claim exists. On the health side, Aetna doesn’t have a great reputation, but at least when I get a prescription filled, it shows on their website within a few days. I mean, taking a month and a half this time vs. *four months* for the last one is an improvement, but sheesh.

You enjoy the rest of the weekend and aggressively relax – the laundry will still be there tomorrow, unless you’re out of underwear, then, you should probably make some time for that.

*Well, there is still water polo – there is always water polo. So. Much. Water. Polo.

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