OK, some positive things

Cause I’ll admit, I was very bummed this morning feeling like everything I’ve done over the past year and a half hasn’t made a difference in the big scheme of things. Then I ran out to pick up lunch and got to thinking in the car.

Delta may be quite contagious, *but* if we didn’t have as many vaccinated folks as we do have, my god, it would be SO much worse. Yes, it seems you can easily transmit even if you’re vaccinated and get a breakthrough infection, but the breakthrough infections aren’t hitting the entire vaccinated population by any stretch of the imagination.

When breakthrough infections happen, they get spun up big time and it *seems* like every other person is getting a breakthrough infection, but if they were – the numbers would be SO much worse than they are now.

Plus, Delta seems to burn itself out reasonably fast:

So yes, things suck, but they suck a lot less than they could, and dammit, that’s something.

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