Listening to the radio this morning and it’s sounding like the CDC is going to change guidance here soon and it’s gonna be mask up all the time again, inside, outside, vaxxed or not. It was nice to have a whole month and a half of enjoying being vaccinated before this Delta variant bullshit got out of hand.

Folks who are still willfully unvaccinated can fucking yeet themselves into the sun.

I fucking did my part. Over a year of staying home, masking up, getting takeout, not seeing friends, skipping nice personal care stuff, curbside pickups, no leisurely shopping trips, social distancing, and generally staying the fuck away from people for my sake and theirs. The very day I was eligible to be vaccinated, I got an appointment and got vaxxed up.


We’ve reached a point where it’s time for punitive measures. Bring on the vaccine passports. You’re not vaccinated? You don’t get to do shit. No bars, restaurants, concerts, theme parks, haircuts, planes, trains, or anything nice. I hope your friends and family start shunning you if they’re not already.

And no, I’m not talking about folks who can’t get vaccinated for medical reasons. I got my shots for you and me. We’re good. Or folks who are still dealing with shitty employers who aren’t giving time off to get vaccinated. That fucking sucks, but keep trying.

I’m talking about the assholes. The ones who are suddenly “my body, my choice” while also harassing people outside cancer treatment clinics because the clinic requires masks. The ones who keep spreading the dumbest fucking disinformation about the vaccines.

I see that some of the Republican leadership has finally changed their tune, but JFC, where the fuck have you been the last 6 months? (Also, why now? What changed? Finally realize the base is gonna die off?) I fear it’s too little, too late at this point.

Yeah, I’m pissed. It absolutely never had to be this way.

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