Happy Friday Eve

That week after extended time off can always be dicey – it’s very easy for all the effects of vacation to be gone by noon on Tuesday, but this time around it hasn’t been bad.

Stupid project is still making me nuts, but it’s only for a few hours a week it makes me nuts. GET SOMEONE EXPERIENCED FOR THE NEXT VERSION FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT’S GOOD AND HOLY. (I know the response will be “but you have experience now!” to which I need to reply with “and the experience has sucked!”) Hopefully the fact that I am (professionally) argumentative as hell with some of the nonsense will encourage them to find someone more pliant for the next go round.

And the Olympics are kicking off… today? Tomorrow? And lordy what a shitshow this has already been and it’s not even started. And it makes me sad, cause I just love the Olympics and to see it be such a mess is just, well, sad.

But, I shouldn’t be shocked given how everything in the world is a shitshow these days.

Hang in there and I hope your favorite team wins a medal.

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