Hasn’t been a bad week by any means, but I’m always happy to have a Friday roll up.

The Olympics start today! Go World! I know, we shouldn’t be having it at all, but I do love the Olympics. I do feel bad for the folks living in Japan – they had zero say in any of this, which does suck. I hate having something I love be such a shitshow.

No big weekend plans here other than getting over to the farmer’s market and getting some cherry tomatoes. I’m embarassed that I’ve yet to get over there this season. (None of my tomato starts made it through hardening, so I have to go to the pros. Will I try again next spring? Of course!) Or…if I get off work early enough today, I could always hit up the Friday market and have tomato salad for dinner.

Oh, and speaking of plants – all my houseplants survived vacation! I overwatered all of them and put them in the little greenhouse inside at the back door, and put a full pitcher of water in with them – they had enough light and humidity to make it!

Oh, which makes me realize I have another weekend project and that is to clear out the spot next to the plant shelf to put up more shelves for plants. I have a dozen plants and they technically do fit on the shelf they’re on, but they could definitely use more space.

Welp, time to go do the thing, maybe take a short lunch so I can bolt out and start the weekend.

You have a fantastic day!

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