I am on vacation!!! I really like my job, but some extended time off is definitely due.

We shouldn’t run into much in the way of Elsa impacts, but it definitely feels very Tropical Stormy out there this morning – overcast and super humid. There is a small lake in my car cupholder from the condensation off my cold brew. Been a while since I was constantly tracking a storm like this, and in 20+ years of going to the beach, this is only the second time there has been a storm that showed up around beach time.

It’s only been a couple years that I’ve done the “take the day before travel off” and honestly, I should have been doing this FOREVER. Just being able to get everything ready to go at a relatively leisurely pace is just…it just makes everything easier.

And I’ve managed to get enough done around the house that I don’t have a ton that must be done today, which I am pretty pleased with. I mean, it’s still a disaster area, but it’s better than it was and I am choosing what I stress about today. Laundry is all done, grocery shopping is done (thank you little bro and we have ALL THE SNACKS) and it’s just really a matter of packing things up and one last trip to CVS. It’s like I almost have my shit together or something.

But, the trick today will be to not putz around on the internet and suddenly realize that 2/3 of the day is already gone – because I am VERY good at that. So, I will have to rely on the timer on my phone for “OK, you got to rest, now go do something” – which I HATE, but it’s the only way I get anything done.

Time to go get shit done so I can relax! You have a great day!

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