Hump Day!

And my Friday to boot! Still reeling a bit from the last minute kennel change, but it’s all good. I think I have one more load of laundry to get done, and then some more cleaning and packing and I’m good to go. I am SO glad I am taking tomorrow off – having that full day to just get ready to go makes such a huge difference – so much less stress.

Not sure what – if anything – is going to be on my work to-do list other than a meeting at 8 this morning. (The 7:30 meetings are done, thank god.) Not that I’m going to be able to focus for shit today, LOL. But – 8AM start means an earlier finish – they’re not getting a minute over 8 hours out of me today.

Also realizing that 2021 is the year of all my shit dying. Car, vacuum, and now I’m realizing my laptop is getting flaky. But, it is 8(!!) years old, and it’s held up well, and I just checked the pricing on another MacBook Air and they are not nearly as expensive as I remember, even with the fancy new M1 chip. Before my MacBook, I had a streak of laptops lasting maybe 3 years before they crapped out, so yeah, another Mac makes sense. But that is something to tend to after vacation.

OK, time to go fake my way through the day. You have a good one.

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