I’ll cut to the chase, Lily has a place to stay and I am still going on vacation.

But earlier today, the kennel called and there’s an upper respiratory thing going around the cattery, and while it appears to be the equivalent of a feline cold, it is contagious, so they’re not taking any new cats until they can get all the cats currently there back home and then do a big ol’ clean and disinfect.

They are absolutely doing the right thing, but holy shit, not the call you want to get 3 days before going out of town.

Thankfully they still had space available at one of their other locations – sadly, 45 minutes in the opposite direction of where I need to go, but, she has a place to stay. (I do love that her regular place is literally right on the route and a mere 15 minutes away.)

Ah well, I was going to be getting up at the asscrack of dawn on Friday anyway, but adding an extra hour and a half of drive time is going to suck just a little bit.

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