Love a three day weekend, but they always end with me not being 100% sure what day it is. BUT – two day workweek!!!

Elsa is looking to be – well, not a total non-issue, because she is a tropical storm, but it’s tracking a little more northeast and will be well off the coast by Friday – and the 10 day forecast for the Outer Banks is 85º and sunny every day.

The pre-vacation cleaning…well, it’s coming along. Didn’t get as much done as I would have liked yesterday, but I keep reminding myself that none of it really MUST be done, just that it would be nice to get done. So I’m trying to still get things done, but also not stressing hard about it.

And with the state of my work to-do list, I’m thinking short lunches today and tomorrow and dipping out early. There is nothing that must be done before I leave, and the couple bugs I do have at the moment, they’re weren’t even out of development as of Friday and they don’t need to be done until near the end of the month, so, even if they’re not ready to test before I go, I’ll have plenty of time when I get back.

And, theoretically, I’ll be all refreshed and recharged and ready to go at it all, house and work.

In the meantime, time to go get my hours in. (In retrospect, I should have taken this week off, too…)

Have a great day!

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