Good morning and happy 4th!

And kids, if you’re going to play with fireworks, be more careful than the fucking LAPD who had the audacity to tweet about fireworks safety after blowing up a truck full of confiscated fireworks on a residential street and injuring 17 people & causing a shit ton of damage. Dumbfucks.

We’ve got lovely weather here today for picnics and parades and in my case, housecleaning, LOL. Just gonna 20/10 my way throughout the house – thank you Unfuck Your Habitat for that one. It works well, and I do see results with it – when I am actually arsed to do it.

Here’s hoping I can keep it up *after* vacation as well – for now, I just want things to a point where I don’t collapse in a depressed heap when I get back from vacation, and then I can just continue to improve with a bit of work every day. Wouldn’t it be great to get into that habit?

I’ve never been a naturally neat & tidy person – even when I was a little kid, my room was *always* a disaster. My Mom just decided to pick battles and let that go. Thrown in a bit of likely ADHD, being easily overwhelmed, and mental health that has been all over the place in my lifetime, and yeah, there’s a mess. You’d think by the age of 49, housekeeping would be something I’d mastered, but… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

At least with the car, I am proving to myself that I can *keep* something clean. It’s just the getting it clean in the first place that’s the current challenge.

Still watching Elsa – still a tropical storm, and looks like it will continue to weaken and go over the NC coast Thursday night with 45-60 MPH winds and be well offshore by Friday morning. Let’s hope she quietly fizzles out.

And I’m realizing I’ve been putzing around so long that it’s no longer good morning, but good afternoon. And I wonder why I don’t get anything done around the house, LOL.

Off to clean! Enjoy the day and don’t blow off any fingers.

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