Goooooood morning!

It’s gonna be a blazer out there today pretty much everywhere – stay inside if at all possible, drink fucktons of water, and take it easy if at all possible. We’re only getting into the 90s today w/ a heat index of 98 – looking at the west coast forecast, it’s positively cool in comparison.

We’re looking at highs in the 90s through Thursday. Throws a bit of a wrench into the idea of clearing up the carport a bit this week, but fortunately there isn’t much to be done, but it now is shoved off until the weekend. Not great for upstairs indoor housework either – I don’t keep the a/c set particularly low as it is, and it’s always warmer up there. It’s fine for just sitting at a laptop, but not great for any kind of physical work that’s going to last more than a few minutes.

It’s so dishearting to watch these forecasts out west and know that folks *will* die because of it, and yet we have folks in Congress who either don’t think climate change is real, or just don’t care because, hey, their a/c works just fine.

Stay safe & cool this week my friends.

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