Another Sunday night

Where I am thinking that we as a country REALLY need to go to a 4 day work week.

But, this week we have a half day Friday, payday, and then a two day workweek next week and it is off to the beach. No work email, Teams notifications turned off, just happily existing by the ocean.

Which also means the next 11 days I will be trying to CLEAN ALL THE THINGS. And I will be attempting to do this without making myself completely exhausted and so utterly done with cleaning that I don’t do any maintenance and in two months the place looks like tornado hit it again. (This is a recurring theme for me.)

I did manage to get a bit done around the house today – I did pare down the to-do list, but got everything knocked off it for the day, which is a nice feeling. Even got in a yoga session, which I’d been slacking off on, and they’ve added “Yoga for Anxiety” – not sure if it does any more for anxiety than any other session, but it was a good one.

The plan, such that it is – 15 minutes in 3 rooms per day during the week, cause time/energy… Then get everything finished off over the long weekend. Given that I’ve got a terrible problem with *stuff* all over the place, I’m also just kinda giving in and I’ve got these great totes that I am going to use for “crap I don’t know where to put right now but I want to clear it up so I can vacuum” and then I can tackle the totes themselves at a later date.

Yes, it is kicking the can down the road, but it will at least be kicked down the road in a nice, blue, zipped up tote, LOL.

The new vacuum is going to be seriously put through its paces. It should be here Wednesday, and it won’t be a moment too soon.

But before any of that – sleep.

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