Well, that’s no fun.

My new vacuum cleaner was supposed to arrive today, but instead, I got an empty box. :(

The box was perfectly flattened along the seams, so whoever delivered it must have just thought it was artwork or something that was supposed to be flat and didn’t notice that the sticker said it was supposed to be 15 pounds. The ends appeared to not have been taped and the vacuum must have slid right out at some point in transit.

Target was great, refunds were immediately issued, a reorder was placed, and it should now arrive on Friday. (Of course, I’m suddenly thinking I should have had it shipped to the local store so if it happens again, it is their problem, not mine.)

It’s too hot to do any housework except first thing in the morning anyway this week.

And of course, long weekend & then vacation ahead means there is a work deadline tomorrow, LOL.

All the outstanding bugs for the version we’re relasing this fall are supposed to be done by tomorrow.

Now, I’ve only got three left, thank you testing and dev goddesses. One will definitely be done tomorrow morning, the second could be done tomorrow if everything goes right, otherwise Thursday. The third, well, Those Who Need To Know have been told, “I swear it will be done before I go on vacation.” and it is understood that I will get it done.

So, on the whole, I am far less pre-vacation stressed on the work front than I usually am, which is nice.

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