1 down, 4 to go

And yesterday, not too bad at all for a Monday. With about a half hour to go in the day, I literally ran out of things to do. Everything on my to-do list was sitting with developers. And the regression environment that was supposed to be ready yesterday for testing, well, wasn’t cause of the holiday, which is all fine and well, except for the fact that the regression testing still needs to be finished by COB Thursday…

And the Padres beat the Dodgers!! Of course, this 3 game series is all 10PM game. I’ve resignd myself to the fact that I will only see the first few innings each night. These games make me miss grad school, LOL.

In car news, we have had our first bird poop incident. Had to happen sometime. It also made me realize, I need to figure out how often you should wash a car. The old Jeep, well…I think the dirt was part of what was holding it together. Both local gas stations have car washes, and I fill up the car about once a month, so – I guess when I gas up, I’ll get it washed?

I will say, the inside is still PRISTINE. I got a little rattan basket that is in the passenger footwell for garbage, the side door compartment now holds Starbucks napkins, hand wipes in the center console, and extra straws in the glove box. WHY CAN’T I HAVE MY SHIT TOGETHER LIKE THIS WITH THE HOUSE?!

Well, time to go do all the things I couldn’t do yesterday. You have yourself an excellent Tuesday.

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