Another day in which to excel

Or some such nonsense. Yes, we’ve found ourselves looking down the maw of yet another Monday. Even with a three day weekend, I am not ready for it. I don’t hate my job (OK, I despise a few very specific bits of it) – I just don’t feel like it today, LOL.

Retirement can’t come soon enough. I’m looking at another 10-15 years of the grind. The upside is that the last 15 years kinda flew by (last 15 months notwithstanding) – but I did sit down and crunch numbers this weekend and upped my 401K contribution…

I’m trying not to think about how much closer retirement would be if not for all the fucking money I’ve thrown at my dentist in the past 10 years… I swear, if we do not get dental wrapped into medical insurance in my lifetime.

Brush and floss and vote progressive, kids!

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