For some it’s Hump Day

Here, it’s Fuck Me Wednesday. I gotta figure out how to get out of this 7:30 meeting, LOL. Theoretically, it will end soon as it’s for features on the version we’re about to release in a few months, so hopefully, this will not be permanent.

The 8AM meeting that my dumbass scheduled – that will be rotated to 8PM at some point, cause it’s only fair that the folks on the other side of the planet get to do 8AM for a while. That is, if I can’t get myself out of it completely. (Still super salty about all of it, and would prefer to spend the time testing vs. herding cats.)

I mean, fuck, last week, I ask, “so, did you have that meeting w/management about possibly dropping anything from the next version?” Get a rather annoyed, “Oh, I updated the feature page.” After the meeting I dug into the notes on the feature page – there were no updates to anything. I mean, fuck, just say “yeah, had the meeting, nothing is getting dropped” vs lying and saying you’ve made some update to make me look like I don’t know what is going on even more so than I already don’t know what is going on.

Feel like I am going to have to have a come to Jesus with the product owner on this about how as much as she probably doesn’t want me involved here, I don’t want to be involved either. We are on the same fucking side here.

At least this is a very small part of my overall job, because JFC, it’s driving me up a fucking wall.

It’s gonna be a multi-coffee day to be sure.

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