I am so tired.

I need it to be…let’s say two Friday nights from now at this point. By then the car stuff should be done.

Another dealership has entered the mix – and of course, now I’m worried they’ll both be pissed off when I tell them, “you are not the only dealer I am talking to.” At least it’s all online, so somehow that is better? But, I am about to spend a decent amount of money and if the dealership a little farther away has the *exact* car I want at the right price, vs the closest one that has the almost exact car – well, they get to fight it out, and that’s life in the big city and all that.

But it is so oddly exhausting. And it is sucking up ALL my focus. And if I can’t get it done this Saturday – I can’t do anything until next Friday afternoon, cause this Sunday is shot with a wee one celebrating his first birthday, which I wouldn’t miss for anything. (I can’t be the only one who goes, “I have an event from 2-5PM therefore I cannot do anything else that day,” right?)

The upside is the bank draft for the loan is good for 90 days, so there is no rush on that account. But, I just want to be done with it, but I also don’t want to settle for “almost what I want” just so I *can* be done with it.

I realize that as far as “problems” go – this is not really a problem. It’s just…tiring.

You have a great day, and get the oil changed in your car – stay on top of that maintenance, and you too may able to keep that sucker running for 18 years.

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