Oh, car buying, yay…

The plan – and mind you, this was a pre-pandemic plan – was to acknowledge that the Jeep would not last forever, open a specific “new car” account and start putting money aside, which I did over a year ago. I have been 99% sure I wanted a Jeep Renegade, and I was going to shoot for a used one, and Carmax always had a decent supply of low mileage ones no more than a year or two old.

Well, guess what? Thanks to the pandemic, there is hardly any used car inventory, and what is out there, is rather expensive for being used and the mileages are rather high. (Seriously, found 4 with the features I want, none under 25K miles and all at least 5 years old.)

So…new it is, given that the price differential isn’t that awesome right now, and the used supply is so limited. Jumped on PFCU’s car buying service. Got a little click happy and accidentally said OH YES, CONTACT ME WITH THE PRICE ON THIS CAR. I thought it was just “click through to see car service pricing”…

Within moments, I had a voicemail, email, and text from the local dealership, LOL.

But they have the make/model/features I want, so I’m emailing back and forth with them to find out what the car buying service price is, and seeing if we can do a test drive on Saturday. Financing came through – god bless PFCU, got an instant answer. (Funny thing – when I opened up the auto loan page, it still had all my info from when I got my last one from them – 18 years ago.)

I will say, doing all this online is a fuckton easier. But my lord, it has been an exhausting day.

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