Is it 6PM yet?

This week has been utterly exhausting.

On the car front – I think I have found the exact, EXACT car I want through the bank’s buying service – color and everything* – in stock, very good price – so I’ve pinged this THIRD dealership and hopefully I will actually hear back.

The other two dealerships – one we keep missing each other (and I don’t think the car I asked about is actually under the bank pricing program, and they’re kinda avoiding me over it) and the second has ghosted me. (I’m 98% sure it was an AI agent that actually reached out from the second dealership, which is why I can’t get any actual answers out of it.)

The third dealership isn’t as close as I’d like, but they actually have the car I want, so… At least once I have the car, I never have to go back again – thank god we’re well past the days of “all maintenance has to be done by the dealer to maintain the warranty.”

I know, having to buy a new car is not really a problem when you can afford it, and thankfully I can, but my god, this is a stressful pain in the ass, even with the internet assisting.

OK, time to go try and work while constantly checking my email to see if the dealership has gotten my request – they open at 9AM. Fingers crossed that by days end I’ve got a test drive setup for tomorrow.

*I know the color of the car doesn’t really matter unless you’re living in Arizona, then you do *not* want black. But I really like the sparkly blue, and I plan on having this car for a very long time, so why not shoot for exactly what I want?

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