You made it to another Friday!

And I don’t know about you, but I am utterly knackered. Why are short weeks so damn tiring?

Oh, because capitalism says you’re still gonna jam in 40 hours worth of productivity, holidays and “work life balance early quitting time” be damned. Forgot about that.

And today is Lily’s vet appointment for her rabies vaccine, so off work at 1, then a wrestling match into the crate, quick trip AND THEN WE NAP LIKE GODS.

And at some point today or early next week, I need to sit down and figure out why we only have design docs for 2 of 6 “must have” features for the next version. I mean fuck, if we’re supposed to start coding this stuff next month, we need designs. I’d certainly prefer to spend my time elsewhere, and I am not sure it’s actually part of the SM role, but they dragged me into the total process, so here we are.

Me: Making management regret their decisions since 1992.

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