Ohhhh, Wednesdays are gonna SUCK even more

I thought the 8AM meetings hurt – I logged in yesterday at 7:30 and found *another* last second meeting invite for a weekly 7:30 meeting. HAHAHAHAHAHA, FML.

Yesterday’s meeting was…a mess. I handed it off to the other SM cause I don’t know what I’m doing yet and we basically did 40 minutes of cut & paste from one section of our feature tracking page to another… No real concern over the fact that of 6 features we want in the next version, we only have design docs for 2 of them… Not sure it was a great use of anyone’s time, and frankly, my presence is superfluous at best. Anyone already on the team could cut & paste and ignore the lack of design docs.

At least on the real workload side, the week isn’t *as* bad as I thought it would be – I have a spreadsheet (because of course I have a spreadsheet) with all my defects, the deadlines, the estimated time to do them, and how much time I actually have to do them. Somehow, I had this coming weekend deducted out of “time available” in there twice – nice to suddenly find two days out of nowhere.

And speaking of workloads, it’s time to go do the thing. You have a great day and don’t get yourself invited to a weekly 7:30AM meeting.

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