8 AM meetings SUUUUUCK

But those are the joys of a team that is literally on opposite sides of the planet. Worse yet, I was the asshole that scheduled it, as my side of the planet apparently isn’t as keen on doing 9PM meetings. (Oh, we WILL have some 9PM meetings to accommodate our teammates. Just not this month.) I hate being SM already.

Got up this morning and threw on my jeans and a hoodie and discovered that the zipper mechanism on the hoodie is just gone. That was a level of confusion I just could not handle at 6:15 AM.

The LilyMonster is up in arms over being up so early as well. I don’t love it either, but that’s going to be Wednesdays for the foreseeable future.

On a positive note – got my two floating holidays for getting vaccinated! Total honor system – all I had to give was the date of the second shot & the brand. I’m sure we’ll have a few folks who lie about it, but I’m glad they went as un-intrusive as possible on detail gathering. Also loving that I came out ahead on the deal – those Friday appointments paid off in more ways that one, LOL.

Being vaccinated is great and weird. I’ve got an invite to a 1st birthday party in two weekends and, well, I can actually go to it. Even with the whirlwind first vaccinated weekend, being able to do things is very odd, and it’s going to take a bit of getting used to – I suspect I’m going to be as hermit-tastic as ever just because I am not used to doing things anymore. I love people, but they are still exhausting.

And speaking of exhausting, I now get to go lead a meeting that I am in no way qualified to lead. This should be…something.

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