Ohhhh, gonna be *that* kinda week

Where everything is due And most of it are things I couldn’t even start last week, because we were waiting on developers, code branching, etc, etc. So, it’s gonna be brutal getting everything done before the holiday weekend, and I’m not super excited to be looking at 3 1/2 days off that are basically just recovering from the previous 4 1/2 days. Happens every damn time there is a long weekend.

On that damn project, I’ve finally figured out what it is I’ll be doing. Herding Cats. Seriously. The first task is getting together 11 people for a meeting, half of whom are on the other side of the planet. YAY!

But – my day did start with what I consider a good omen. Got my Starbucks and when I was getting out of the car, I dropped it. It tumbled impressively to the ground. THE LID DID NOT COME OFF. THE CUP DID NOT CRACK. I STILL HAVE A FULL VERY LARGE COLD BREW.

On that optimistic note for the day, time to go start early, finish late, herd cats, and test the shit out of some software.

Please, go stick it to the man for me this week.

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