Haaaaaappy Hump Day!

And I don’t know about you, but my workweek has been just as brutal as I predicted. But, a couple late nights early in the week look like they’re going to pay off and I shouldn’t have to work until midnight tomorrow night. Gotta love that week leading up to any time off.

And, I’m realizing I need to forward my June/July PTO plans to She Who Assigns All The Bugs along with the caveat that this new project will also be digging into my time. If I have to do this extra stuff, other things MUST come off my plate. (Did have my first success – the meetings with people from everywhere have been scheduled! And no one is bitching yet! And I remembered to schedule it in Teams instead of Zoom!)

In other surprising work news – they announced yesterday that we will have the Friday before Juneteenth off. While they are a reasonably decent company, “woke” is not a word that has ever come to mind. They do try, but sometimes they’re a wee bit tone deaf. And honestly, they should have *definitely* done this last year, but better late than never I suppose. (Whether or not this is permanent remains to be seen, but it should be.)

And in “things that haven’t really mattered *that* much cause, pandemic” – I gotta wash my hair today, CAUSE CUT AND COLOR ON FRIDAY!!!!!! It’s not that I *haven’t* been washing my hair, but when you’re not going anywhere or seeing anyone (all our work meetings are audio only) – well, that “wash hair every other day” schedule kinda gets…relaxed a bit, LOL. But, the lack of styling and product and overwashing over the last 14 months, well, my hair is really healthy!

The salon emailed and they’re keeping up their safety protocols – which makes sense, cause even though it’s not a crowded shop, folks are standing right next to each other for an extended period of time. Temp check and hand sanitizing on arrival, masks required, and gloves available if you want them. And you can bring a drink as long as it’s in a covered container, so I can bring my Starbucks. (Not sure who was bringing in an open coffee mug in the before times.)

Have a great day and hey, we’re on the downhill side of the week!

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