My brother is a *terrible* influence

Parked myself on the porch last night with a book (I AM READING AGAIN, YAY!) and a beer and all was JUST FINE until he showed up and then suddenly, it was a party, LOL.

While I am not in terrible shape this morning, I could also easily sleep another 10 hours. Not helping is that it is a grey, rainy morning and that lovely rain noise will also put anyone to sleep in a blink of an eye.

And as I said, I’ve finally gotten my brain to settle down enough to read. I started and finished Zero Fail – The Rise & Fall of the Secret Service in less than a week. Granted, it’s long form doom scrolling, but it’s a good read. And now I’m back to Black Tudors: The Untold Story and so far it’s great, and debunking the idea that Tudor England was lily white.

Time to go grind the gears for capitalism, and very possibly take a nap at lunch.

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