Oh, apparently *not* dead

Went out to the carport to work on Lily’s tunnel platform and as I got ready to sweep away the supposedly dead cicadas, I realized they were actually still among the living.

Seems they were very new and hadn’t figured out how to cicada just yet.

Still gently swept them into the garden as there is nothing for them to eat in the carport, and I’d prefer to not step on them by accident.

My brother pointed out that if I was distressed by dead cicadas already, I would be in for a very rough summer.

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5 Responses to Oh, apparently *not* dead

  1. Ashley says:

    I am definitely hoping we just have our usual bears in the yard and not your flying beasts. 🙂

    • A Dreamer says:

      They’re just terribly clumsy more than anything, which makes them very scary.

      • Ashley says:

        So they’re tiny, flying black bears then! Makes sense.
        (Black bears are the most lovably dumb creatures, honestly. It’s impossible to be afraid when one shows up in the yard, because they’re usually just sniffing flowers and tripping over their own feet. Or getting their heads stuck in pots. Or getting spooked by hummingbirds and falling over.)

      • A Dreamer says:

        Yes, they really are tiny black bears! I have had to flip over at least half a dozen that managed to find themselves upside down, and yesterday I watched one fly into one of the posts on the front porch, bounce off, then into my car, bounce off that, and then finally made it into the tree in the yard. Graceful, they are not.

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