Oh, happy weekend!

Thought there was a possibility I’d have to do some work this weekend, but after I alerted my dev to a problem yesterday, never heard back, so – we shall deal with that on Monday. YAY!

Got my coffee and I’m plotting out everywhere I have to go today – kinda miss the hunker down and go nowhere days. But, needs must and all that.

44% of the county is fully vaccinated (58% with at least one shot!) and in the week since they dropped the mask mandates, I’ve seen exactly *two* unmasked people. Ran into my favorite gal at the market yesterday and we chatted about how both of us are holding off on going maskless cause it’s just WEIRD. It would seem that so far, we’re in good company.

I like the idea that it seems the bulk of us are in a combination of “wait and see, no harm in masking up” and “I don’t want folks to be uncomfortable if I’m unmasked” mode in my local area. It’s nice. It’s courteous.

Convinced (HA!) my brother that we should go get ice cream yesterday, and I am very pleased that I had the presence of mind to exit the shop and lower my mask *before* shoving the cone in my face. My brother was TOTALLY waiting for me to forget the mask was on. Thing is, it’s absolutely going to happen at some point – I’ll forget the mask is on and try take a swig of a drink or or a bite of something… Another reason to keep some spare masks in my purse, LOL.

Afternoon nap yesterday and I had what I can only describe as my first post-pandemic anticipation dream. Got my haircut, but she forgot to do the color and somehow I didn’t notice this until I got home, then my brother said I had to get rid of my masks because they were clogging the washing machine, the Metrobus that used to go by our house was replaced by a trolley (like the Mr Rogers trolley, but full sized – very cool!) and the kids in the neighborhood were riding horses up and down the street. Did not anticipate a Potbelly Ham & Swiss for lunch would have *that* effect.

Welp, I’ve futzed around more than enough this morning, guess it is time to go out and deal with…people. Uggghhhhhhhh.

You have a great, relaxing Saturday!

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