OK, today is already off to a legit good start

My brother woke up at the crack of dawn and decided he wanted Starbucks and got me some, too!! YAY!!!!

I’m still annoyed at this project at work, but somewhat less so after fully venting my spleen yesterday, so yay for writing as therapy. If my annoyance at the tone deaf choice of mental health profession for a talk earlier this week doesn’t wane soon, you’ll hear about that, too, LOL.

Half day at work today, YAY, and got paid yesterday, YAY, and I am a mere 7 days and 4 hours FROM A HAIRCUT AND PROPER LONG WEEKEND!

County has over 43% of the population fully vaccinated, and 57% with a first shot. Our case numbers are *under* the 2020 summer lows, and back where they were in MARCH! Still gonna be watching those numbers like a hawk since the state dropped mitigation measures, but today, it’s worth celebrating.

OK, time to go to the things at work that I LIKE and not think about this dumb project.


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