Oh, I need it to be Friday at quitting time…

This new opportunity/punishment/massive mistake project I’ve gotten dragged into at work…

We’ve had a couple early planning meetings and I’m not actually *doing* anything yet – and it’s just so far removed from what my supervisor and I had talked about two months ago that I don’t even know how I’m the right person for this. Another one on one meeting this morning w/someone doing it from another department to help me “get comfortable” and answer questions and such. My comfort level here is zero.

I’m all for learn by doing, but usually in situations that are a bit less risky than this – I’ve tried and tried to psych myself up for it, but I wasn’t feeling great about this to start with, and I’m *really* not feeling great about it now.

So, it’s gonna be a FUN meeting in a couple hours!

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