How to make people dislike you…

Schedule an 8AM meeting where all the attendees usually start work at 9.

But, I bounced my butt out of bed an hour early, got my coffee and I’ve still got about an hour to get all my brain cells facing the same direction for a day that will have – I shit you not – three and a half hours of meetings.

Our county fair that is usually in June has been canceled again this year. :( They said the health metrics (aka, vaccination rates) aren’t good enough yet. I understand, but I was also really looking forward to a corndog and funnel cake. Hopefully we can have our shit together by the 4H fair in August.

You know what could help our vaccination rates? Putting a county-wide mask mandate in place until we hit a particular vaccination goal. Just saying…

As I went into Starbucks this morning, there was an unmasked gentleman leaving – two women were inside waiting for their coffee and one said, “Oh, that was very weird.” We all had a nice little chat about how seeing faces all of a sudden was so very odd.

Good article over at the NYTimes about how we’ve all got some trust issues these days. I know I do – and I kinda hate it – I’d much rather we’d all come through this knowing we could really depend on each other. But, we’ll muck through this last phase as best we can like the rest of it. But honestly, shittiest group project EVER.

Well, time to go have ALL THE MEETINGS. Happy hump day, kids.

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