All.the houseplants have nice new 6 inch pots and uncompacted soil and got a good long soak this afternoon.  Somehow I ended up with a rabbits foot fern at the garden center.   No idea how that happened.

A shelf full of green plants in my front window

Also got all the seedlings moved to the sunniest spot on the porch.  Lesson learned this spring: turn the grow lights on every day – the greenhouse is up against the back French door and while it goes get morning sun, it does not get enough of it.  The tomatoes are a bit leggy and anemic looking.  But still alive!  (The ones on the left got the least sun.)

Two trays of tomato seedlings

The peppers, though – compact, but looking good to me!

A flat of pepper seedlings

I also may have accidentally bought a couple more tomato plants and catnip plants and a pepper plant when I went to the garden center “just for some potting soil”…

I’m just so tickled that so many seedlings made it to the point of getting outside.

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