Re-pot-a-palooza on tap today!

We’ve got a nice warm day on tap and I am finally going to get around to repotting all the houseplants on the front window shelf, *and* I think the weather has stabilized enough that I can move the little greenhouse outside to start hardening off the seedlings. (And start some new ones that didn’t make it through the past month and a half.) The tomatoes have been going great, and they are starting to actually *look* like little tomato plants!

But, I am also realizing that I am not sure I actually have enough potting soil for all the plants I’ve got. I should probably make a swing over to the garden center and grab another bag. And stay out of their greenhouse, because I do not have room for any more plants in the front window.

But, I have had my eye on this shelving unit that would fit perfectly between the window table and the TV and would provide more plant room…

More plants?!

Fuck it, I’m ordering it – that spot is a mess, it’s where the router is and needs something to keep the stuff there in order. And it has plastic on the shelves so I could keep the router on the bottom shelf and not worry about plants above leaking onto it if I end up with more plants. And I threw in a narrow rolling cart that have been on my wishlist for the upstairs bathroom that will fit right between the vanity & toilet. In for a penny and all that.

I’M GONNA GET SHIT KINDA SORTA ORGANIZED THIS SPRING! (I say this every year, but if this isn’t a year for new beginnings and all that, I’m not sure when it will be.)

Welp, given that it’s already past noon, I’d best get myself out to get more potting soil and then see if I can’t get a whole slew of repotting done this afternoon.

Enjoy your day!

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