I am so confused.

Ran up to grab coffee this morning and went into the pharmacy at the market to see about getting on a vaccine waitlist.

They’re not doing waitlists(!!!) and she said they’re not doing direct appointments – they get a list from the county every day and that’s it. Except their website says you can make an appointment if you’re eligible – along with all the other local pharmacies.

So…I can only guess that no one has programmed in zip code level exceptions into the pharmacy websites to say “you have to go through the county” (which is a huge miss, IMO) or the pharmacist is wrong. And honestly, it could be either one.

So, I’ll just stay ready to register both with the county and search the websites as well come 4/18.

Why my county decided they had to do their own damn thing completely separate from the rest of the state is beyond me. They just said last week, “Uh, we need 250 more vaccinators.” I mean, you knew you had 900K people that would need vaccinations for a while now.

Yes, we’re the biggest county in the state, but we’re not a fucking island here, and we should be working with the state as a whole, not as some fucked up independent entity.

Watch me end up getting an appointment in the county next door somehow.

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2 Responses to I am so confused.

  1. Ashley says:

    Connecticut is infamous for our obsession with “home rule” — every town handles its own business, no county government at all, extreme resistance to regionalizing anything, etc.

    But based on your posts, your county has outdone even us…in the worst way possible.

    • A Dreamer says:

      Yeah, it’s a little nuts. On the whole, things run pretty smoothly here, but this is a wee bit of a clusterfuck. We’re big, but sheesh, work with the state on this one for consistency if nothing else.

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