Cue “confused puppy look”

Before I bitch about my vaccinations again, I will say that for the mass vax clinics my county is running, I have heard nothing but very good things about them for folks who have gone that route. So, they’re not 100% fucked up. And I promise you, I can’t wait to stop using the Covid tag and just post pictures of Lily and plants I can’t keep alive.

We opened the first half of 1C today (of course, it’s split in two, why we just didn’t have groups 1/2/3/4/5, I don’t know, but that is the state, not the county.)

This group is: Energy, Water/Wastewater/Water Removal, Housing/Construction, Food Service, Transportation/Logistics, and Higher Ed Faculty/Staff. All make sense.

The second half of 1C, not open yet:
Legal Services – yep, if they have to be in court in person or going to jails, do it.
Public Safety Engineers – sure, makes sense.
Other Public Health Workers (probably should have been 1B, but OK.)
Media – I guess I can see that, they’re out and about as far as news reporting and such.
Barbers/Stylists/Hairdressers – they come into contact with a lot of people and we didn’t pay them to stay home safely like we should have so, OK.

But then..

Finance. I mean, beyond retail bank tellers, anyone in corporate finance can work from home. I know this because it was my industry for 15 years.

And finally: Information Technology & Communications. Hell, this could very well be the rest of the damn county as broad as that is. I can see trying to prioritize communications, even as broad as that is, but just “Information Technology” is so broad it’s useless.

$1 says my county skips 1C-2 altogether and goes straight to everyone.

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