Can we be done please?

I’m kinda tired of living in plague times. I would like for my grocery trips to not be me muttering “FUCK” every 2 minutes as I try to get through the store at breakneck speed. I mean, there’s all the other stuff I want, too, but buying milk should not be this stressful.

But, looking at the national vaccination stats – it’s crazy in the best way possible. 27% of the over 18 population is fully vaccinated, and 157 million total doses administered. My county is plugging along, every day a little better – we’ve averaged over 3300 second doses a day over the last week, and the date to full vaccination for everyone over 16 is now in November. Love watching that date move closer.

The state is telling localities they can go all out before 4/18 if they want – no idea what my county is going to do, but I’ll be keeping a sharp eye out for any announcements.

Our cases aren’t coming down nearly fast enough for my taste, though. 153/day for the county & 1415/day for the state over the past 7 days – we’re at November levels, and while it’s well off the peak we had at mid-January, I’d like to see it a fuckton lower. (I know, everyone wants that, too.) Folks are acting like it’s over – sure, we’re definitely getting there, but it’s not over yet.

But that isn’t stopping me from making plans for when it is done, cause it has to end eventually. I found myself pinning haircuts the other night, even though it’s going to still be quite a while before I can actually go in. Also debating going silver-grey on color with a purple or blue streak somewhere in there. Why the hell not?

And down at the beach, Dare County is starting “OBX Safer Spot” with decals for businesses that have a 70% vaccination rate – I love this idea, and I so hope that I see all my favorite businesses with this sticker in the window. I’d love to see it here – it would be great to walk into a business knowing folks have been vaccinated.

I’m trying very hard to temper my excitement, because it’s all still so very far away, but it’s hard – I’m so tired and I want to do regular things again.

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