It’s been a whip quick week – first half not quite as bad as I’d prepared for, but still a grind, and we’re almost done! Just have one bug to focus on today and a meeting with IT and our security software vendor to try and figure out why it’s blocking me despite the target website being whitelisted. A very doable day.

And I realized that April 18th is a Sunday, so my brother & I can both work in tandem trying to get registered for vaccinations. I feel like I should send some Starbucks gift cards to the IT folks at the health department – they’re going to have 500K people trying to register on the same day. I am sure there will be some folks who will say, “I can wait for it to calm down a little” – I don’t think I am one of those people.

The big question now is “does registration open at 12:01 AM or something like 8AM?”

Though we have zero control over it, I’m hoping my brother and I can get appointments somewhat close together whenever we do get appointments – it would suck if one of us was vaccinated for an extended period of time while the other was still waiting.

I was talking to a friend out in California last night who just got his second shot and he was saying, “Oh, it has to have been hard to not be able to go to your bar” – it’s sucked to be sure, but, it hasn’t been *hard*? Avoiding covid and trying to keep others safe in the process has been a very, very easy call over the past year. Introversion & caring for others FTW, I suppose.

While I’ve been super excited for everyone getting vaccinated, I’ve not really gotten amped up for the idea of getting vaccinated myself cause being in the last group, and watching how relatively slow it’s been so far, I just couldn’t see it happening anytime soon. And I keep reminding myself that registration <> an appointment anytime soon, but I am getting a little excited.


OK, time to go work SO WE CAN GET TO THE WEEKEND!!!!!

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