What day is it?

It is Thursday, and I know this because I checked my phone and the feature I was testing needed to be done yesterday, which was Wednesday. (Got it done – last person on the team still testing at the deadline, but I got it done!)

But this week has been all mashed together to be sure, and I’m a bit crosseyed at this point.

The good news is, the rest of the week will be relatively easy. (Easy doing a lot of heavy lifting here, but there shouldn’t be any late nights.)

I’ve been thinking more about this new “opportunity” coming later this year at work. I’ll only be the second person to do this for our entire product. (Another module has already implemented the changes.) This is a chance to do things my way, within reason. I will also dig my heels in and make sure other things are taken *off* my plate to offset the hours this will take up. And, I’m going to keep poking about money, cause this *is* bigger responsibility that doesn’t fall into “other duties as required.”

If nothing else, they may regret tapping me for this, LOL.

Time to go grind for capitalism. You have a great day and don’t take any shit.

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