Yet another bleary eyed Monday

A night filled with very strange dreams did not result in a restful night, and I still have quite the case of the “mehs” for lack of a better description. Very annoying, cause I need to be vaguely competent today and this week, as there is lots to get done at work and I’d prefer not be working 10+ hour days and blowing through yet another half-day Friday.

Some days I can’t figure out if I’m bad at my job, or if the time estimates for everything assigned to me are just too low. I’m still not great at estimating how long a bug or feature will take to test, so I’m at the mercy of the estimators and I think the rest of the team just refuses to challenge the numbers.

And tomorrow I have an 8AM meeting, wheeeeee.

But, payday on Thursday, half day on Friday, and highs in the 60s the first half of the week, and we may hit 80 on Friday. My plants are all growing like champs and the transplant pots will be here tomorrow and the sunflowers will be the first to get new homes, and the window garden plants will all get repotted to boot.

Hell, you never know, I may even get all the way through my non-work to do list one day this week. We’re off to a good start today with taking my vitamins and clearing out my gmail account, so 2 down, 29 to go!

OK, time to be optimistic and positive – it’s gonna be a good week! LET’S DO THIS!

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