A bleary eyed good morning to you

on this post-DST Tuesday. But – I did wake up on time! Adding a bit of insult to injury, we won’t be seeing ANY sun until Saturday and today’s highs won’t even hit 50 degrees.

The disco grow lights over the seeds in the greenhouse and in the front window have been turned on the 12 hour setting. Also, the temp in the greenhouse has dropped into the 60s, and I don’t know if that’s going to mess things up or not – but, no chance of freezing in there at least.

I don’t know if you’ve been following the Sarah Everard case in London, but jesus, the Met is fucking this up big time. To respond to a vigil and protest against violence against women with more violence against women…especially after it was a cop that murdered a woman? WTF are they thinking? And the cherry on top – they’re going to put undercover cops in bars to “protect” women. I don’t see this increasing trust in the police there. As someone on Twitter said, “Can’t wait to get groped by a cop in a bar.”

Policing everywhere is just so fucked.

You take care today.

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