Slightly better wakeup time today

Up at 9, which is closer to “normal” for a non-workday. (Yay, PTO.)

And it occurs to me (and I think I have this thought every year) – I should have been adjusting my wakeup time over the past week. I have now put a note on my calendar for this time next year. Only 49 years of this and I’m finally getting smarter about it…

But honestly, we’re on DST 9 months of the year already – let’s just make it all year long. I can’t deal with the dark at 4:30 anymore. (Also, I probably need to move south to boot.)

Interesting – just saw on Twitter that my Governor is getting the J&J vaccine right now. Glad he’s getting it, and also can’t help but wonder if getting the J&J shot is a calculated move to try and overcome folks concerns over that particular vaccine.

My county is doing its best to get all the doses they get into arms, we just don’t have enough doses. The 1B waitlist is at 110K and they’re making appointments for folks that registered on 1/28. The promised supply increase can’t get here fast enough.

34% of over 18’s have gotten at least one dose, which is great, but we’re only at 12.5% for full vaccination. (I know, I know, one dose has a good effect, but there is also a reason Moderna & Pfizer are two dose regimens.)

There are all kinds of things I could get done today with my day off, but I think “quietly existing” is going to win out.

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