In a nod to anniversaries and whatnot

We have Dunkin’ this morning. Last year, that Sunday morning, little bro went out for donuts and it seemed appropriate to do it again today.

However, I do need to give up on the mobile ordering app. The handful of times I’ve used it, I have invariably watched 2-3 customers walk up and direct order and get their donuts and be gone in the time I’ve been waiting for my chocolate frosteds. Pre-pandemic, mobile probably would have been faster, but now since *everyone* is using it – far slower.

And I’m all discombobulated with the time change…as usual. These days, I’m waking up between 8-9 on the weekends – expected I’d wake up between 9-10 today, didn’t even open an eye until 10:30 and somehow IT’S ALREADY 2PM. I’m very…

But, that extra hour of daylight in the evenings is going to be GREAT. If we could stay on DST so it’s not pitch dark at fuck all 4:30 come winter…I’d like that.

Go enjoy that extra light! I’m gonna go stare at my seeds, LOL.

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