Happy Hump Day!

Even though my dumb ass worked half the weekend, taking Monday & Tuesday off was just what the doctor ordered, even if I did have to check my email and discover that no one seems to know what to do about the issue I found on Friday and confirmed over the weekend… Come ON, I gave you two extra business days!

In my annual display of hope over experience, I went to the garden center and got four more African Violets and a bunch of seeds! Now I’m trying to figure out when to start the seeds, and when I can move them to the mini greenhouse outside. I’m probably already behind the curve on all of it and guessing I need a mini indoor greenhouse to boot, LOL.

A collection of flower and tomato seed packets

Of the plants I got right around this time last year, only one of the African Violets is still alive, and just barely, but I am determined to bring it back to life. I totally stumbled onto grow lights on Amazon, and discovered they make very small ones that can clip onto your plant shelf – I have one of those on the way. MY PLANTS ARE GONNA LIVE, DAMMIT!

It’s times like these I am very jealous of the huge indoor greenhouse my grandfather built for my grandmother back in the day. She had a hella green thumb, but it certainly didn’t hurt that she could rotate all her houseplants from the house to the greenhouse.

In non-garden news, I don’t know about you, but I am really excited about the fact that it looks like we’re gonna be able to speed up vaccine production and hopefully get more shots in arms sooner, AND making teacher/school worker vaccinations a priority. I’m hoping this also means that once we get a bunch of folks vaccinated, we can at least go back to single masking – I’m doing the double masking, but honestly, not a fan. Also, loved seeing Dolly get the vaccine – just did my heart good.

I just so want to get back to something vaguely normal. I don’t want to get all anxious when I think I’ve been in the grocery store too long. A leisurely browse through a shop. Dinner in a restaurant. A beer and a couple Irish Coffees at my bar. Granted, whenever it comes around, I have a feeling that first unmasked trip out is going to be really, really fucking weird.

But until then, mask up, get carryout, wash your hands, and have a great and safe day.

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