I seriously had a plan in place for the rest of the week and it was a good plan. I have 4 bugs that are “top of the list” – Bug 1 – finish today or tomorrow – needs to be done by tomorrow, but it’s not a hard deadline.

Bugs 2 & 3 – hard deadline of 3/4, and with taking Monday/Tuesday off, doing the data prep tomorrow so, two days of pure test time works.

Bug 4 – a weird out of cycle thing that won’t even be ready to test until 3/11, so, end of the list.

It was a good plan.

Then, “Oh, Bug 4, that’s ready now and needs to be done by 3/3″…

Well, fuck. But then Bug 1 – broken, back to development – and it’s already Friday over there – even if they fix it overnight, it’s *highly* unlikely the testing on that is done tomorrow.

So, Bug 4 is now in process, Bug 1 goes to the bottom of the list cause it doesn’t have a hard deadline and 2 & 3 are still on track. I think.


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