Is the week just whipping by for anyone else?

Or is it just me? Cause I am having problems wrapping my head around the fact it’s already Wednesday night.

The Feature – IT’S DONE! Finished yesterday!! Of course not without a bit of drama along the way.

System: Printing, printing, happily printing!
Me: Awesome, let’s do another!
System: Sorry, can’t print to that drive.

A reboot fixed it, so I am sticking with “my VPN dropped, it’s not the software.” Then one of the product managers went, “Should we change X?” I usually stay out of this stuff, but I put my foot down and said no – a decision had been made, intentionally, on that exact bit of the feature and it was the way they wanted it – too late in the game for changes. Thank god another PM said no change, too.

But it’s done. Got multiple kind callouts today for the ridiculous amount of work I put into it, and while I’m in this for money, not glory – it’s nice that it was noticed.

Rest of the week, one bug – data already jammed into the system so that’s ready to go first thing tomorrow, and then jam some more data in the system to be ready next week for two other bugs.

AND THEN A LONG WEEKEND!!!! And not a moment too soon, cause I’m getting a bit twitchy.

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