I would like to speak to a manager.

It was supposed to be sunny today. It is grey and raining. WTF.


As does most of the country it seems – Texas, it sucks to be you right now and I am genuinely sorry your infrastructure can’t keep up and that the answer was “turn everything off” – hopefully no one will die because of it. Seeing the pics from El Paso – looks like fun until you think about how many people may not have decent winter gear, because they live on the border of TEXAS AND MEXICO. (Though I did laugh when someone pointed out there is a Texas prepper somewhere with 37 machine guns and no snow shovel.)

It’s going to be a balls to the wall week at work… My cohorts on the other side of the world had a holiday on Friday, we had a holiday yesterday, and I haven’t opened my laptop since Friday afternoon. (Mind you, I *shouldn’t* be working weekends, but this one dumb feature has taken so much time and even with the target end date for testing being moved out, there still aren’t enough hours in a day.)

But, it will get done. Someday. Maybe. Hopefully.

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