So much for pre-work productivity

The plan was to run to the market before work. It’s 24 degrees out there. I will be waiting until lunch when it will be a balmy 34 degrees.

The good news is – WE HAVE SUNSHINE!! Granted, just for today and then the weather is turning to shit again, but for now, THERE IS SUN!

I am so worried for the folks in Texas. Years of shitty leadership avoiding regulation at any cost has resulted in an isolated grid that hasn’t been winterized and can’t handle a bad cold snap – and people will die for it. Not to mention the property damage from all the pipes freezing and bursting left and right.

And then you have Gov Abbott going on television and lying out his ass about the frozen wind turbines and non-existent Green New Deal being the problem when he knows damn good and well it’s the natural gas & coal plants that had to shut down. Lying ass fucker.

I feel for the people of Texas. The leadership of the state can fuck off into the sun.

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