So, the impeachment.

I am super insanely pissed off about this. That asshole* is going to try and run again and he’ll be sending his goons out during the primaries, and the fucking Republicans will just let it happen so they can have access to his base. These fuckers acquitted on a technicality that they created in the hopes that they can get back in power. Fuck. That. Noise.

I honestly do not understand what kind of person lives through January 6th, watches all those videos, knows that 6 people died and 140 were injured – and still votes to protect the man who caused it.

Hell of a statement on American society that we not only create people like this, but we then enable and reward them.

And I don’t know how we change this.

*My brother thinks he’ll keel over first, but my experience tells me that shitty people live long lives.

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