Happy Fuck It Friday!

And we’ve got an ice storm coming tomorrow night, yaaaaaaaaaaay.

Half day at work today, and Monday off, and that couldn’t have come soon enough. I’m in the final stretch of testing this damn new feature, and of course NOW product management and design are going, “Um, should we change X?”

NO, NO WE SHOULD NOT. Granted, they’re just small things and shouldn’t break the entire damn report, but still, NO, I AM SICK OF TESTING THIS AND I WANT TO BE DONE. (I am insanely jealous of the other three folks who were also testing this and apparently found nothing wrong and have been done for like, a month.)

Plus, I also have other shit to do, so this thing dragging on FOREVER is kinda jacking up everything else.

But, it is Friday. And that is not nothing.

Have an excellent weekend, folks.

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