So, is it snowing where you are?

Here, they’re calling for snow for the next 9 of 10 days. Nothing more than an inch or two on any given day, but HOW ABOUT NO??

I don’t *hate* snow, but I just want winter to be done, that’s all. (Yes, I know, it’s not even mid-February.)

I was so excited that it WASN’T snowing when I woke up this morning, I made a Starbucks run. (I have since made sure I have adequate cold brew stocks for tomorrow morning.)

But, if some snowcover makes things brighter, I’ll take it – right now I’ve got every damn blind open and all the lights on in the house and it still feels dark as fuck in here. I NEED LIGHT, DAMMIT.

On that delightfully chipper note, I’m going to go finish work while fighting the urge to hibernate.

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