Ready as I’ll ever be

For whatever bullshit weather comes this weekend. I am currently charging ALL THE THINGS. That includes phone, iPad, work tablet, Kindle, two power banks, and the cutest little combo transistor radio/flashlight/power bank.

Last night when I realized all this charging needed to be done, I grabbed the radio and plugged it in and the power banks that are usually with it…were not. No fucking idea where they are. (They got used a lot this summer out on the porch, and obviously did not get put back with the storm supplies.)

So, there was a mad dash out this morning before the weather started to CVS and I now have 2 10KmAh power banks, which I think are actually larger capacity than the ones I can’t find, but either way – we are ready for a power outage. (Also, how awesome is it I can get this stuff at CVS? I am still astounded that charging cables and power banks and stuff are at drug stores and 7-11 and such.)

And in very clever things that have probably been around a while but I only saw them today – they make a combo Type C/Micro USB cable now – it’s just a Type C adaptor that goes over the Micro connector, but since the power bank charges up w/the Micro and my phone is a Type C, I don’t need two separate cables for it anymore.

USB micro cable with Type C adapter

The BP station next to the CVS was also empty, which is truly unheard of, so I gassed up the car to boot. And there may have been a Starbucks run in there, too.

We have a metric fuckton of food and treats for the LilyMonster, and food and beverages for the humans. I have books, crafts, TV, and work to keep me occupied.

We’ve got freezing rain already – which 12 hours ago they said would be snow showers – the ice wasn’t supposed to start until tonight. So, a half jug of pet-safe ice melt has been scattered along the sidewalk – as I was thinking “who in their right mind would be out in this?” – a little kid came tearing down the sidewalk gleefully screaming.

Never been so happy for my weird pandemic weekend morning person status – errands were run and I was back home by something ridiculous like 9AM, just as the crap started falling from the sky.

The good news is that it will be up in the 40s tomorrow. The bad news is that we won’t see the sun until Wednesday.

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